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Snuggwugg goes live on Steve Harvey Show

Snuggwugg – makes baby tasks go smoother


Snuggwugg® plush interactive baby pillow is a multipurpose must-have for busy moms and dads and makes the perfect baby shower gift.

Molded from eco-friendly supersoft EcoPurasoft™ fill and covered with a minky machine-washable slip cover, Snuggwugg helps keep Baby calm, still and happy during diaper changes and is a perfect prop for tummy time, travel in car seats, flights, strollers and even in shopping carts. Snuggwugg is a great gift for babies ages 3 months on up to toddlers at 3 years.

Award winning Snuggwugg has a flex pocket filled with fun-to-feel crinkly material into which parents can insert educational flash cards, toys, apps or smartphones to help keep toddlers entertained on long car rides, and it even has multiple loops for attaching a little one’s favorite toys, teethers or pacifier.

Snuggwugg is lightweight & portable so you can take Snuggwugg anywhere! Use with technology or without the choice is up to the modern parent.

Embroidered with sweet animal friends & designs Snuggwugg is bound to be a cutie’s new favorite companion.

Make diaper changes and outings a pleasant time

We can’t wait to get our very own Snuggwugg

WOW, awesome you know it is – right! We are expecting our 5th boy in a few weeks. The moment I saw Snuggwugg a while back I thought wow and I am done with having more children. Then suddenly, the word came back that we were already 14 weeks into the pregnancy, crazy huh! We thought so too. Anyways we are excited for our baby to arrive in 14 weeks time. Then I said, wait now I can get that awesome Snuggwugg that I keep seeing floating around. I have been telling moms already about this item, and now I get to actually use it ;). I have babies who love to move and can already tell new baby will be no exception. He constantly moves in my belly, I know he is going to need this Snuggwugg to keep him still and I know that I will need it for my sanity! We will be doing a review of the Snuggwugg and can’t wait to show you all the things it will help me do with baby.

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The struggle is over…

How many times have you been trying to do a quick diaper change or needed to find something to help baby with their sitting up skills? Lot’s, like all day long it seems. Well now you can use the Snuggwugg to help you do many things. How many times have you gone to the store and placed your baby in the cart and they start fussing? I see it daily and have been there myself. It is frustrating because the baby doesn’t want to just sit there, yes there are things to look at. Looking at things is interesting, but when you frequent a store so much they do get bored. Now you can easily bring your Snuggwugg with you and baby can play while you shop. It also will help baby sit still and not have that erge to want to stand up in the cart.. I know you are Now seeing the possibilities of better shopping days!

Use apps to entertain baby

Keeps your phone safe

If the fun pillow isn’t enough, that is ok. Snuggwugg has you covered! You can easily insert your phone and even flashcards too. Right, how many times has your baby tried playing with your phone and you are thinking, um no too drooly. Well the phone can now still be used by baby but stays safe inside the built in pocket. Many uses like:

  • Shopping Carts
  • Doctoris Visits (a great distraction)
  • Early Learning
  • Socialization
  • Tummy Time
  • Travel Pillow
  • Baby Support Pillow
  • Touch & Feel Toy
  • Diaper Changing (no more squirming)
  • Car Seats (travel)
  • Flights
  • Strollers
  • Protects Your Smartphone Smartphone, toys, apps NOT included


Which one do you like best see more designs -> Get your Snuggwugg today  <- Redeem your coupon today.

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Steve Harvey TV Show appearance:
Please tune in Monday, January 19 @ 2PM Central on NBC to watch Snuggwugg on the Steve Harvey TV Show!  Check your local listings:
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