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Organized Shopping Makes It Easier to Shop, Spend and Save

This post brought to you by Rout. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Social Butterfly Shopping Community.

Organized Shopping to Stay Effective and Efficient With Your Shopping Needs

Rout is a shopping site, think Pinterest boards but better for a smooth and effective organized shopping experience. Plus it helps you not only organize products into categories, it helps find the best deals on your favorite items for you.

So I went to Rout the other day and I have created my own little “shopping board” list that works for me. All I had to do was create a free account so that I can personalize my shopping experience. Now I have organized shopping that works for me.

I created a virtual shopping list basically. Rout helps me by checking for great deals on those items I have liked and added to my list. It allows me to watch trends on prices so I can buy at the right time for me.

For example, I liked a product, it tells me the trends or history of prices for that product. It helps me decide when is a good time to buy that item. I can easily click buy right on the site to buy and ship to my house, or if I am tracking I can do that too.

This helps you track items you want to buy. I know I shop better when I plan. This helps me stay organized and save money. I have ten in my family plus two large dogs, so staying on top of my shopping habits, needs and spending is very important, and a must!

Rout has many cool products to shop for. From novelty to practical, they have a variety to choose from. I have twenty products I am tracking and comparing prices and products against.

This type of shopping site is great to use not just for your personal shopping needs but you can create a shopping board and name it birthday or holiday shopping or have a board for each member of the family. Go sign up now and take control of your spending and shopping habits with a free account. Tell me, what kinds of boards will you make? Don’t forget to make a special board just for you. Be sure to add things to your own board too.

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