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A Package From Santa Review

A Package From Santa Is The Answer To Your Child’s Question

How Do I Know Santa Is Real? The Kids At School Said Santa Doesn’t Exist. Where Is The Proof?

A Package From Santa will offer you the exact things you need to show your child that Santa does in fact exist.

It can get pretty frustrating when other people begin to confuse your child. Or they just want to ruin the magic of Santa. Or how about those who are just so miserable they take it upon them-self to “inform” your child about the non existence of Santa.

Well, I have found a great way to help your child keep the mystery and magic going. No, absolutely not, will it “ruin your child” to encourage pretend, magical spirit, or fantasy. I know you have heard of Disney right!

So what exactly is A Package From Santa about? I wish I knew about it a long time ago myself!  I have an eight year old who no matter what others will tell him; he will most definitely tune you out and ignore you if you ever said Santa didn’t exist! So I wondered what fun way can I show him that Santa exists and I found it. I talked a little about having proof that Santa Does Exist Here.

I wanted to get more in depth with A Package From Santa though, it is a great service and your child really will be so excited to be the recipient of getting their personalized Santa Package. 

What exactly comes with A Package From Santa

First you go and add your child’s picture, then you add some personalized info to the different items you can add to the package. We got the Silver Package which included a personalized video, a Christmas Eve personalized video, we chose a nice list, a certified good child certificate and a great letter from Santa himself! So let me break it all down for you.

First we wanted to personalize his fun video from Santa’s workshop. Santa wanted Jehzel to know that yes he has been watching his progress and really wanted to let him know that Santa is like his cheerleader encouraging hm and showing him how he should be proud of himself. What a confidence booster this is for children. 

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There are a few video templates to choose from, it was hard but decided on this one. Jehzel’s name is pronounced different from what you may think and Santa pulled it off! Jehzel was very surprised that Santa knew his name and actually said it properly, which of course earned Santa some brownie points.

We were able to tweak a few things and it all flowed effortlessly. 

Santa Sent Jehzel A Personalized Video,

Straight From The Workshop


Jehzel watched his video quite a few times each time telling me a new thing he discovered in the video. So it kept him busy and his mind a little preoccupied waiting in anticipation fr the big day to arrive. You know exactly what I am talking about. Those antsy kids asking daily about how close is Christmas day and all the other questions about what they think they are getting and from who.

A Package From Santa Arrive At Our Door

An Elf Must Have Dropped It Off!

Oh my gosh, Jehzel was so surprised to see this huge envelope that was clearly from Santa! It was deliver at our door during the night time of course. Jehzel opened it all up, with help from me. He was ready to tear it up as in so excited he could have torn what was inside ha-ha. 

Here is what Jehzel found from Santa himself

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A Package From Santa

A Package From Santa



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