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Free Shadowsense With A $75 Order

Free Shadowsense With A $75.00 Order

Showdowsense offers a nice smooth and a beautiful full lid boasting of color! I am giving you a free Shadowsense in your choice of color when your order reaches a subtotal of $75.00. 

Save $22.00 which is a great deal to redeem. You can add that to your savings account and log it so you can keep track of your savings efforts. 

Check out these beautiful eyelids; use the arrows at the bottom of each photo to show next color.


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You can also add a little Shadowsense to your Lipsense and create interesting, bold and even unique lip colors. 

Which Shadowsense would you wear to work? Which would you wear on a date or while out running errands?

What is so great about Senegence Cosmetics? I love that they are free of wax, it’s not GMO, it’s cruelty-free, and vegan too.


Shadowsense Can Be Used In Various Ways

  • Conceal
  • Highlight
  • Contour
  • Eyebrows
  • Eyeliner
  • Eye Shadow
  • Lips
  • Blush

When your order reaches a subtotal of $75.00 you will get one free Shadowsense in your choice of color. 

Two ways to order, directly through Marilyn, your distributor or through the website using Marilyn’s distributor ID.

To order directly with Marilyn, Click Here: Use Marilyn’s Direct Distributor Order Form

To order through the main website and use the distributor ID, Click Here To Buy And Use Distributor ID #282126

No matter which way you order through, you will still get your free Shadowsense in a color of your choice. If you order through the website, please email Marilyn at with your purchase number and the color you want to get for free.

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